In February, Welsh Government published their formal response to the recommendations made by Measuring the Mountain in 2019, accepting 30 of our 31 recommendations and partially accepting the 31st.  This is a tremendous endorsement of the incredible work and contributions made by both our Jurors and by everyone who shared stories with the project. 

You can find the full response here - 

And the accompanying written statement here -

Our recommendations included 15 that were made by the Citizens’ Jury and 16 that were made in the final report, relating to the findings from the stories - you can read the full reports here –

The response acknowledges that
‘…the requirements that have been set out in the 2014 Act and in the supporting Codes of Practice aren’t always reaching the people who need care and support and the carers who need support’ (p.21)

And outlines steps that Welsh Government, alongside key organisations and bodies within the social care sector have taken, or are taking, to improve people’s experiences of using care and support services or of being a carer.

As stated by Julie Morgan AM, Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services in the written statement
‘I want the whole sector to own and take forward these recommendations to ensure that, as the changes demanded by the Act continue to be embedded into practice, the findings set out in the report actively inform these improvements.’ 

As MtM progresses through its second phase, make sure your voice is heard by sharing your experiences of using care and support services, or of being a carer –; or by registering to be one of this year’s Jurors –