In September, our fifteen Jurors will gather online and spend five days developing a response to the question, doing what really matters in social care in Wales - how do we make it happen together?

Over the first four days they will hear from a series of speakers who have experience of delivering, developing and using care and support services across Wales.  The speakers will give short presentations and then our Jurors will ask them questions.  On the fifth day, our Jurors will draw up a list of recommendations that will be presented to Welsh Government and shared publicly.

An essential element of this process will be hearing from people who use care and support services or who are unpaid carers looking after a friend, loved one or neighbour.  The day-to-day experiences of individuals and families across Wales will be vital to helping shape our Jurors understanding of ‘what matters’ and how more of that can be delivered.

We are looking for people to make short videos capturing a day in their life.  The videos can focus on any aspect of someone’s day.  They only need to be a minute or two in length (no longer than 10 minutes) and can be filmed on a phone.  We have made our own short video to show you what we mean – you can watch it here.

We are really interested in knowing more about day to day experiences and the things that make life easier or more difficult.  You do not have to use social services, or any formal support – maybe you are part of a community group, or your friends and family help out when you need it.  Perhaps you are an unpaid carer looking after a loved one and you do not need any additional support, or only from time to time.  Or perhaps you have a comprehensive care package with support throughout the day.  We would love to know about all of these experiences!

It will be incredibly useful for our Jurors to know about as many different experiences as possible.  They are all unique, and knowing more about what makes things easier or more difficult will help our Jurors identify recommendations that they would like to make at the end of the process.

The videos will be a fantastic way to bring to life the types of experience we know people are having every day.  They will reflect many of the themes and ideas that came through from the stories people have already shared with us, and will help our Jurors explore what is important to people and what things make a difference.

You can find out more about the Citizens’ Jury and the videos on or by contacting Katie – / 07964 407 739.

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