In September (21 to 25) we will be hosting our second Citizens’ Jury on social care in Wales, this time as a virtual event. 

Fifteen members of the Welsh public will gather online for four days to hear from a variety of speakers about their experiences of, and views on, care and support services and being a carer.  These fifteen Jurors will then spend the final day drawing conclusions and making recommendations.  These will be presented to Welsh Government and shared with key stakeholders, organisations and people across Wales. 

Creating a Jury that is broadly representative of the population in Wales is a key component of the Citizens’ Jury approach as it means the recommendations are generated from people with a range of viewpoints, and are more likely to be accepted.

People are currently registering their interest in being a Juror (, and as part of that, are providing a small amount of information about themselves. 

We want a Jury that is as representative of the Welsh population as possible so we will be using a number of demographic variables drawn from the Census and such as sex, age, ethnicity, educational attainment, employment to randomly select the Jury against from the pool of people who have registered their interest.

In the unlikely event that someone was the only person to meet a particular criteria then they would be automatically selected.  All other places on the Jury will be filled using a random selection method that picks from people who match particular criteria.  This process, known as stratified sampling, will help us create a representative Jury.

The closing date for registering your interest in being a Juror is July 1st, and the selection will be made in early July with everyone notified of the outcome by July 14th.