In September, MtM will host its second Citizens’ Jury. This time it will be a virtual event!  Taking place between the 21st and 25th of September we will bring together 15 members of the public to discuss key aspects of using care and support services and of being a carer in Wales.  The programme will highlight realities of people’s everyday experiences and showcase best practice and innovative approaches that are making a difference to people’s lives. 

Jurors will be presented with information in videos, from speakers and through presentations and will have opportunities to ask questions and examine topics in depth.  On the final day they will make a series of recommendations that will be published and presented to Welsh Government.

We are currently recruiting for Jurors.

To find out more about this exciting opportunity and to register your interest please visit

Closing date for registration to be a Juror: July 1st 2020

Successful applicants will be informed by July 14th.