Measuring the Mountain is overseen by a Steering Group of people from across Wales who bring a broad range of experience, knowledge and expertise to the project. Between them, they represent a number of organisations from the third and public sectors, and they support the project’s delivery, focus and development.

The group members are:

Neil Wooding                    Ministry of Justice

Rachel Iredale                   University of South Wales

Sue Evans                          Social Care Wales

Rich Williams                   Ministry of Justice

Wayne Jepson                    Public Health Wales

David Williams                  Greater Gwent Health, Social Care and Well-being Partnership

Kate Cubbage                    Carers Trust Wales

Amber Powell                    Carers Wales

Sara Woollatt                     Wales Co-operative Centre

Emma Sullivan                  Children in Wales

Ruth Dineen                       Co-production Wales

Eve Parkinson                    Monmouthshire County Council

Trevor Palmer                    GL100 / ResponsABLE assistance

Vin West                            Arfon Access Group

Roiyah Saltus                    University of South Wales

Mark Llewellyn                 Welsh Institute for Health and Social Care

Katie Cooke                      Measuring the Mountain

Rebecca Cox                     Welsh Government

Claire Thomas                   Welsh Government

Chris Roberts                    Welsh Government


For any queries or questions about the group and their role, please contact Katie –