We would love for organisations to run their own story-sharing activities.  Last year these proved to be a great way of gathering multiple stories and for people who wanted to, to get to know others and chat about their experiences with people who may have similar stories to share.

The activity takes around an hour and offers a straightforward way of gathering 10 to 20 stories.  The activity can be run with a group who meet regularly, as a workshop at a larger event or conference, or as one-off event.

You will need:

  • A group of people – 8 to 20 is ideal
  • Paper copies of the SenseMaker questions (and pens) or wifi and access to the online version
  • Someone to lead the activity

To deliver the activity:

  • The facilitator outlines the purpose of the event, what MtM is and why it is gathering stories (see the website and the ‘Project and Story-gathering Overview’ on
  • Walk people briefly through the questions (see the ‘Quick Guide’ on and the video walk-through) – depending on the group you may want to focus on blocks of questions at a time and get everyone to complete questions 1 to 4, for example, before moving on to explain and complete all the triads etc.
  • Ensure everyone understands the consent process and the difference between the two options
  • Split people into pairs or small groups (people can also work on their own if they want) and get them to share stories with one another – they can complete the questions on one another’s behalf or fill them in with their own information. 
  • The discussion is helpful for generating ideas for stories (see also ’16 Stories’ on and makes the activity more engaging for people whether they complete their own questions or not.
  • If there is time, this can be repeated so that everyone shares two stories

If you use the online system the stories are automatically submitted.  If you use the paper versions the facilitator can upload these after the event or contact Katie to make arrangements to get them to the project for uploading –


Thank you for supporting Measuring the Mountain!