7 Reasons YOU should be a Listener!

1 – You’ll be playing an incredibly important role in Measuring the Mountain – helping us at the project to create links and networks that enable everyone who wants to share their story with us to be able to.

2 – If you’re spending time with people, then you’re probably having these conversations already – I know that typing them up isn’t usually a part of that, but if it could be for a few weeks then you’d help lots of people have their voices heard.

3 – The stories you help us collect will highlight themes, issues and areas of good practice – we’re sharing what we find out with Welsh Government so they can better understand how social care feels for those of you who are involved in it.  We’ll also be sharing what we find out with social care professionals and people in Wales – this is an opportunity to help shape the future of social care delivery.

4 – You’ll get to use SenseMaker®. (It’s pretty great – you can see my other posts for more detail about my feelings about SenseMaker®)

5 – You know that everyone has a story to share, even when they might not know, and you know that people open up to you in ways that they might not to others – the conversations you can have with people will help us build a really full picture of people’s experiences. 

6 – We’ll be sharing what we find out, so you’ll be contributing to a mass of information that could help shape future projects, or identify needs that people weren’t aware of.  You may see trends in your area that you weren’t aware of, or you may be able to use the data to develop a new service.

7 – Loads of amazing work is being done by people like you, and the people you know, and we want to know to about it!  You can help us do that – become a Listener with a project and collect one story, or ten, or a hundred – help us to really understand how social care feels for the people involved in it.