What is a Citizens' Jury?

Citizens' Juries are a well-established method of engaging with people about a policy issue or on a topic of public importance.  They bring together a group of people for a number of days who examine a question, listen to information about that question from different perspectives, discuss the issues and arrive at a set of recommendations.  These recommendations are then shared with key policy-makers and the public.  MtM conducted its first Citizens' Jury in September 2018 - you can read more about that below.

Citizens' Jury 2020

Citizens' jury

MtM will host its second Citizens' Jury at Cardiff City Stadium, from September 21st to 25th 2020 and we are looking for people to take part as Jurors.

Building on the work of the 2018 Citizens' Jury, we will set a question that reflects key themes identified as part of that process, as well as key themes to emerge from the stories the project is currently gathering.  

We are looking for individuals aged 18 and up who would like to be Jurors.  We want the Jury to reflect the population of Wales and are seeking a diverse pool of interested individuals.  The final Jurors will be selected in August.

You do not need any prior knowledge or experience of social care in Wales - all of the information you need will be provided to you as part of the process.

As a Juror you will

Citizens' jury

Work with 12 to 15 other participants to answer a question that we will set you at the start of the process.  This question will relate to social care and will arise from the stories people have been sharing.

The days of the Jury will be carefully structured to allow you and the other Jurors to understand all sides of the question we pose.  We will share this programme with you closer to the time and support you throughout.  

You and the other Jurors, supported by a Facilitator, will question Witnesses, consider the evidence they present and then draw conclusions and make your recommendations.

We want being a Juror to be interesting and enjoyable - you'll be part of an exciting process that will help inform the debate about social care.

Things to consider

Time credits

The Jury will last 5 days – September 21st to 25th – and the days will start at 9.30am and finish by 3pm.  There will also be a pre-meeting on September 12th between 10am and 3pm – this meeting is so you can meet the other Jurors, the Facilitator and some of the project team.

You will need to attend all 5 days of the Jury and the pre-meeting, and these days may feel quite tiring.  You will be dicussing care and the issues that surround it so some difficult topics may come up.

This is an exciting opportunity, and a chance for you to be involved in an innovative and unusual approach to policy discussions, and to have your say on a critical issue. Register your interest by August 1st.

Find out more here or please email Katie -


Citizens' Jury 2018 - What really matters in social care to individuals in Wales?  

In September 2018 our Jurors produced 15 recommendations as part of their response to this question.  The recommendations were based on the information that was shared with them over three days from a variety of individuals from across the social care sector.

Their recommendations included that people approaching the social care system should receive support from an impartial, well-trained and knowledgeable key worker; that carers must be recognised, supported and valued as the vital assets they are; that co-production needs to be defined and embedded as a practice that everyone understands and that statutory bodies should provide clear information about their services that anyone can understand.

They also made recommendations about technology, tendering and commissioning processes and greater recognition for frontline workers.

You can read the full report here.








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