Who’s who in Measuring the Mountain?

I’m Katie and, depending on who you speak to, I’m the project manager/ the programme coordinator / the project coordinator, the list will probably continue to grow!  No matter my job title, my role is working with the project Steering Group and with all of you guys, to make Measuring the Mountain happen and, hopefully, make it happen really well.

I’m hosted by Interlink – the County Voluntary Council for RCT - and work from there, and from several locations in Cardiff.  I will be your point of contact for project queries, questions and enquiries, and I’ll be the person getting in touch with you, and your organisation, with the occasional update and to let you know about news and events from the project (you can tell me stop this at any time).

For some of you, I may be a familiar face – I’ve been working in the third sector in south Wales for the last ten years of so, mostly on grant-funded projects and mostly with a focus on people and partnerships.  From that point of view, MtM is right up my street, with the added bonus of being a project that stands to actually make a difference, whilst being really easy for people to get involved in.

Whilst I will be the face of MtM, the brains of the project are a group of around 20 individuals from organisations across the third and public sector.  They’re experts and leaders in their field and bring a formidable amount of knowledge to the table.  As the project develops, it will be the stories and experiences that you bring, or that you help others bring, that will really shape our work.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be talking to Steering Group members, helping you get to know who’s who and why they’re involved in Measuring the Mountain; I’ll be blogging about all aspects of the project; and talking to people who’ve contributed and people who’ve help shape what we’re doing.

Keep an eye out for new posts and check out the rest of the website for more information and the different ways you can get involved.