What is the purpose of the Citizens' Jury?

The Citizens’ Jury will take place at the Liberty Stadium, Swansea between September 24th and 27th - it will allow us to explore a key issue related to the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 and to social care policy.  The findings from the Jury will be shared with Welsh Government, as well as organisations and people in Wales.  These findings will provide vital insight about the Act, what matters to people and what we can learn from people’s experiences.

As a Juror you will

Citizens' jury

Work with 12 to 15 other participants to answer a question that we will set you at the start of the process.  This question will relate to social care and will arise from the stories people have been sharing.

The days of the Jury will be carefully structured to allow you and the other Jurors to understand all sides of the question we pose.  We will share this programme with you closer to the time and support you throughout.  

You and the other Jurors, supported by a Facilitator, will question Witnesses, consider the evidence they present and then draw conclusions and make your recommendations.

We want being a Juror to be interesting and enjoyable - you'll be part of an exciting process that will help inform the debate about social care.

Things to consider

Citizens' jury

The Jury will last 4 days – September 24th to 27th – and the days will start at 9.30am and finish by 3pm.  There will also be a pre-meeting on September 15th between 11am and 1.30pm – this meeting is so you can meet the other Jurors, the Facilitator and some of the project team.  

You will need to attend all 4 days of the Jury and the pre-meeting, and these days may feel quite tiring.  You will be dicussing care and the issues that surround it so some difficult topics may come up.

This is an exciting opportunity, and a chance for you to be involved in an innovative and unusual approach to policy discussions, and to have your say on a critical issue.  


How we'll thank you 

Time credits

All Jurors will join Spice's Time Credits Network and earn Time Credits for the hours they contribute.

These Time Credits can then be exchanged for activties and entry to venues including leisure centres and cinemas, the Wales Millennium Centre and Llanelli Scarlets.

We will also provide you with certificates of participation, published copies of the report you compile photographs recording your involvement.

All out-of-pocket expenses will be covered - you can contact Katie if you want to chat about this more 


Can I still be a Listener?

Yes, we are very keen that Listeners continue to support people to share their stories.   Listeners are ususally part of an organisation and this is because we want Listeners, and those that they are collecting stories from, to be as safe and well as possible, and organisations will have safeguarding policies and support structures to ensure everyone is kept safe.

If you are part of an organisation please ask them to submit an Expression of Interest form so they get involved in the project.

If you are not part of an organisation, or your organisation isn’t getting involved in the project, and you would like to be an independent Listener please contact Katie to discuss this.






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