We have now closed our story-gathering and held the September Citizens’ Jury.  Huge thanks to everyone who shared stories with us, participated in the Jury and helped spread the word about the project – your support has been invaluable.

During 2019 and early 2020 we gathered stories from people who are unpaid carers and people who use care and support services, so that we could understand more about the impact of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014.

This work helped inform the Citizens’ Jury that we hosted as an online event this September (21st to 25th), where key aspects of social care were explored by a group of members of the public. Click HERE to find out more about the Jury and ways to watch the sessions.

Findings and recommendations that arise from the stories and from the Citizens’ Jury will be presented to Welsh Government towards the end of the year, and shared with organisations and individuals across Wales.

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Citizens' Jury

In September 2018 we held a Citizens' Jury to look at what really matters in social care to individuals in Wales.  Fourteen members of the public listened to three days of evidence from social care professionals, from carers and from people who receive care and support.  They then made fifteen recommendations.  You can access the full report on our resources page.

In September 2020, we held a second Citizens' Jury, this time taking place online, to look in depth at key aspects of social care.  To find out more, including ways you can get watch the sessions, click here.



I have a story to share - NOW CLOSED

We want to hear from anyone who has recent experience (within the last 12 months) of social care in Wales - this could mean receiving care and support or being a carer looking after a loved one or friend.  We want to hear the stories that you would tell your neighbour, your friend or your family - they can be long or short and they can be about a big experience or a very small one.

The stories that are shared with us will build a picture of how social feels for the individuals involved in it so we can better understand the impact of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014.



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